The Ultimate JavaScript CheatSheet(Updated)


Hello everybody, and welcome to Hacoder. JavaScript is a very important language to learn for Hackers. So, thats why, we are here to provide you a base in JavaScript.

This is an updated version of a tutorial we did earlier. we found some errors in it. so we are writing it again. sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Firstly, we are going to build some programming base for our Aspirant Hackers. The most important skills for any Hacker is the programming skills he/she possesses. You are going to need a lot of programming in your Hacking Career for developing your own tools or finding some vulnerability in the code of any website or software.

Today, we are going to continue our JavaScript tutorials series. As a Hacker, I cannot forget the impact of JavaScript as a Skill for Hackers. Its a must especially for those who want to learn Web Hacking. And remember that “2016 is Javascript” no matter if you are a programmer or Hacker.

Javascript is rapidly moving towards Server Side Scripting, and it will soon become a major Client Side and Server Side Technology for Web Development. That’s another good reason to learn Javascript right now.

Today, I realized that I should also post a CheatSheet for JavaScript. It will help you to brush up your JavaScript concept every time you feel like getting frustrated in JavaScript. So, here it is. But, before diving into the code, make sure to watch the video along with this code.

Learn JavaScript in one Video:-

The Ultimate Javascript CheatSheet:-

Here is the Ultimate Javascript CheatSheet :-

I hope you liked it.
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Until next time, Its Webster, signing off!